How to get more Orders on SEO Clerk in 2021

How to get more Orders on SEO Clerk in 2021
20 July 2020
Deepak Jena
Posted by Deepak Jena

Are you a SEO Expert and looking for some extra good amount to earn? Then you have a great chance to earn being an online freelancer at SEOClerks. But do you have any ideas on how to earn on SEO Clerk? If you don’t have, then I’m here to give some important tips about how to earn money on SEO Clerk. I have practical experience and already earn more than $3000 since I joined in the last 6 months. So before joining you have a brief idea about the site – SEO Clerk.


What is SEOClerk?

SEOclerk is a great freelancing platform specifically designed for SEO Services. Here service started from only $1 to $999 which is suitable for both buyer and seller. Buyers can order services as per their requirements however the seller can sell their services from a small amount to big deals. So it’s a great place for both buyer and seller.


What Can You Sell Here on SEO Clerk?

As a seller, you can sell anything as per your experience and talent but one thing you should focus about the quality of service. If you want to get regular orders and earn a good amount of $$$, then the quality of service is the first priority. Basically, you can almost sell every service related to SEO like content writing, link building, social media marketing, on-page SEO, graphic design, web development, and many more. There are so many categories available on the website and you need to sell services as per your skills.


How to Get Started?

So here are the steps to become an SEO Clerk Freelancer:-

i: Sign up at SEOClerk

ii: Create a complete profile by putting all the required information. Put original profile picture, write a complete description about you and add skills.

iii: After complete the profile, create a service available under the seller tab on the top of the website. (>Seller->Sell->Sell a Service)

iv: Create service by giving an appropriate title, service description, tags, images, and required information.

v: After created the service, start sharing on different social media, blogs, forums, and other platforms to attract more visitors to your profile.

After completed everything now you have a good profile and you can create as many services as per your skills.


Payment Options:

SEO Clerkhave several payment options and you can withdraw payment as per your choice.

  1. Paypal
  2. Pioneer
  3. Hyper Wallet
  4. Payza

Marvelous Tips and Tricks to Get More Orders on SEO Clerk

Here I would like to share some latest tips and tricks to get more orders on SEO Clerk.

i: 24 Hour Delivery Service – Always try to deliver services as soon as possible. If you are a new seller and want to get some quick orders, then try to deliver orders within 24 hours. It will make your service unique from your competitors those who are taking more time for the same services. Also, don’t forget about the quality of service. Fastest delivery and best quality service are the two important points to get more orders on SEO Clerks.

ii: Affordable Cost – If you are a new seller, then always try to deliver quality service at the lowest cost. Most of the clients always focus on cost during ordering the services. So if you will offer the same services at lowest cost than your competitors, then definitely you have more chance to get some quick orders.

iii: Boost Services – This feature makes SEO clerk unique from other freelancing sites. Even new user can boost their services and push to the top of category page as well as on the home page and get more views and orders. You get few free bumps each day and even earn more by participating on FAQ/Discussion area.

iv: High-quality Service Description and Images – A lot of people write up basic service descriptions and put simple images for their service page, which is not good. You’ll need to write up the service page properly so that it describes your service clearly and make people want to purchase from you before they contact anyone. A well-design and high-quality service image will attract more visitors than a simple one.

v: Social Media Sharing –Seo Clerk likes outside visitors. So if your profile or services getting visitors from outside like different social media sites, forums, blogs and other relevant platforms then you have more chance to get more orders.

vi: Advertise your Service –Advertise your service on seo clerk can drive more traffic and sales for you. You can do a home page feature or a category feature to increase your sales. A home page feature naturally costs more because your service will appear on the top of the home page all the time and a category feature much less as you won’t be seen as often. Both of feature ads work extremely well to increase orders and overall sales.

vii: Community Discussion –This is the best place to gain and share knowledge and create a good brand for your profile. If you are a new seller, then you can learn some good techniques to get more orders.

viii: Give Surprise Bonus! –Always try to satisfy your clients. Do high-quality work and give a surprise bonus to your clients. If you are providing 400 words article writing at $5, then try to deliver 500 or 600 words articles at the same cost. It will make your clients happier and they can order more services in future.

These are some awesome tips that will help you to earn a good amount of $$$ in SEOClerks. So are you ready to earn? Just sign up today and make your dream into reality.

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