Best Tips & Tricks to Get More Orders on Fivesquid

Best Tips & Tricks to Get More Orders on Fivesquid
23 July 2020
Deepak Jena
Posted by Deepak Jena

Fivesquid is one of the outstanding freelancing site in UK. If you are a freelancer or looking for best option to earn extra money, then Fivesquid can be the right platform for you. Fivesquid is a marketplace for both buyer and seller for all digital services like seo, content writing, social media marketing, logo design, website design, website development, virtual assistant and many more. Here service start from £5. Fivesquid has same platform like fiverr and seoclerk. So are you excited to know how to get projects on Fivesquid? Yes I have more than one year of practical experience and I will share the best tips and tricks on how to get more sales on Fivesquid.

1 – Complete Profile: A profile is the mirror of your professionalism. A profile with complete information can attract more buyer. Whether you are a new seller or experienced professional, if your profile has not completed, then you can’t attract the buyers. Whenever you create profile on Fivesquid, just put all the required information like real profile picture, experience and expertise, service tags, educational qualification and certificate if any. Buyer trusted those profiles which completed professionally.

2 – Create Service with Best Title and Description: If you want to increase your orders on fivesquid, then you have to give more focus on service title and description. These two are the most important part to get orders. Appropriate title and description can help to rank your service on top of fivesquide search for your targeted niches, as a result your service will get more impression and clicks. Don’t try to copy content from others for your service description. Write unique and high quality content that describe your service clearly. Add best keywords and put a call to action in description that forced buyer to make purchase.

3 – Use of Tag Skills: Tags are important for a service as like as title and description. Best and relevant tags can help to rank your profile on top of fivesquid search for your targeted keywords. Whereas irrelevant tags can decrease your sales and orders. So do a proper analysis and put appropriate tags for your profile.

4 – Browse Request: If you are a new seller and not getting any project in the beginning, then browse request can be very effective process for you. A seller can send upto 10 request a day.

5 – Social Media Sharing: Sharing your fivesquid services on different social media sites can drive more traffic and conversion for your profile. Freelancing site like fivesquid always like outside visitors and traffic. If more and more visitors landed on your profile from outside it means fivesquid will promote your service ranking for relevant niches and it will increase possibilities to get projects.

6 – Upgrade Account: On fivesquid, upgrade account is the best method to increase the possibilities of getting projects quickly. Pro seller are getting so many extra benefits compare to basic seller. If you are a new seller and not getting any project, then you can take the chance by upgrade your account. It will cost £20 on time payment.

Following are the benefits you will get on a Pro Seller account:

i: Create custom order for your clients

ii: Offer extras/add-ons to your services

iii: Enjoy an additional 15 credits

iv: Send unlimited quotes for Requests posted 

v: Recurring orders

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