Most people get confused with the real sense of conversion rate, some think increasing number of traffic define its meaning where as some other count buyers of website products. Conversion rate of your online business is measured by the number of potential customers, who are going to buy products or use services from your website. Increasing percentage rate of visitors, those make purchase from your website will define success rate of your business. In actual sense conversion rate is all about converting visitors in to real customers for your website. And through which process we improve our convincing strategies to convert visitors into real customer is all about conversion rate optimization.

It is true that slight improve in conversion rate will increase the website revenue without putting much investment. To improve the conversion rate 100% call to action will work in this competitive age. And at Tecmoz Solutions, we are strengthening our each step to make it successful every time. Because we know only diverting potential traffic towards website is only fifty percent job of conversion rate optimization. To give it full 100 marks we have to divert traffic into real sales. At Tecmoz our conversion rate optimization expert team researches in various methods judge visitors’ mind and their changing taste for the market.

Our CRO services include the aspects like A/B testing, landing page creation and optimization into real practice to optimize the sales funnel for better conversion because a targeted landing page always bring potential customers with call to action services. We include data driven marketing strategies to know the right time, right source and right procedure to lead the market.

As a conversion rate optimization service provider, Tecmoz will get the full-service optimization solution for the best results through 100% practice on Multivariate tests, A/B split test, along with implementation of web analytics, copywriting, unique design and development. All these procedures at Tecmoz help to statistically improve traffic rate with maximum conversions.

We emphasize basically in

Turning visitors into real customers.

Change customers into repeated customers.

Improve user experience with accurate service.

Improve revenue on investment.

Achieve success in promotion and sales.

Why choose us ?


We always focus to give concrete results to our clients. Guarantee results is another feature of our services.


We are proving instant support service to our clients.Anytime they can discuss if any problem arises.


Our price is affordable compared to our competitors.We provide extra feature as well.


We are providing weekly report about the project status to our clients. So that they can know what are the activities we have done for their site.


We always follow up the advance Strategy thats work for our clients.


With the latest techniques, we will destroy the reputation of your Competitors, so that all the visitors or customers will divert to our website.

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